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Electric Cutter

Electric Cutter

Looking for a reliable Electric Paper Cutter with a Base Cabinet at an affordable price? The GBT 450 Automatic Electric Paper Cutter will suit your budget while providing the performance you need for your jobs. The GBT 450 Electric Paper Cutter is designed and built to cut your media easily and with accuracy to within 0.2 mm. This Paper Cutter has a Cutting Width of 17.7 inches just what you need to cut 12 x 17 Paper Stock. Its Optical Blade Placement Indicator helps and guides you in making precise cuts. The 450 Electric Paper Cutter will smoothly cut through a stack of Paper up to 1.57 inches thick / in height (about 300 sheets) in a single quick stroke. The motor driven Backstop is controlled through a Digital Display and Input Panel, moves smoothly, extends to the rear edge of the cutting surface, and can be locked in position. Blade to Backstop Depth is 16 inches. Cutting Blade and Electric Paper Clamp alignment allow for a Narrow Cut of 1- 3/8 inches. Work surface on the GBT 450 Electric Paper Cutter is a 28 x 26 inches. A significant Safety Feature is that Blade Action on the 450 requires two-hand operation. A useful Base Cabinet with storage is included.


  • Electric Blade, Clamp and Back Gauge Drive
  • Automatic Clamp can be lowered or raised independently from Blade
  • Electric Motor driven Paper Clamp, which allows cuts a small as 1-3/8 inch
  • Safe Two-Handed Operation
  • Transparent Safety Guad
  • Full Backstop Extension
  • Solid Steel Blade Carrier
  • Precise Digitally Controlled Back Stop
  • 400 sheet or 1.57 inch cutting capacity.
  • Comes with a Base Cabinet for convenient storage.
  • Shipping Information: Dimensions: 29 x 34 x 25 Inches. Weight 288 lbs
  • 110 Voltage is Standard, 220 Voltage is optional.
  • Size Also Available 17.5" /18"/20"/24"

Technical Specifications

Product Width


Product Height


Product Length


Product Actual / Net Weight

253 lbs.


110 Voltage is Standard, 220 Voltage is optional.