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Paper Cutter Fast Speed 4660 / 18"

Electric Programmable Paper Cutter 4606H
Motor clamping and cutting, digital control, two-hand operating , infrared wall, cm and inches shift ,precision<0. 5mm

Main feature of paper cutter 4660H:

  • Patent of independent clamp paper Different pressure to different kinds of cutting materials, solve spring-press precision not high, improve efficiency.
  • Automatic paper push-out after cutting Automatic paper push-out, save time and promote efficiency
  • High speed, powerful motor High speed, force and thickness, make the max thickness up to 50mm, meet different cutting need.
  • High quality alloy blade capable for more than 12000 times cutting
  • Patent of blade adjustment from outside of machine The blade depth can be adjusted at will from outside avoid incomplete cut
  • Digital control Numerical control keypad, input cut size easily
  • LCD display direct viewing operational signal, error alarms, be clear at a glance, convenience and fast.
  • Safety CE standard, two hand operation, infrared wall protection, air breaker protect etc.